The 5 Day Personal Brand Challenge

Welcome to the 5-day personal brand challenge.

Last update: April 02, 2024*

This online course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to get their personal brand up and running in 5 days.

Whether you are a small business owner, a skilled independent, a corporate professional, a student, or an aspiring athlete, building your personal brand today will set you up for your future.

These are the five key modules you will tackle:

  • Day 1: Building your foundations

  • Day 2: Developing your strategy

  • Day 3: Designing your unique identity

  • Day 4: Building your digital assets

  • Day 5: Marketing your brand

At the end of each module, you will have a task to complete so you can put your new knowledge into action.

The goal is to make progress each day, layer up your personal brand with your new knowledge, and start your journey. Don't obsess over things not being perfect; your brand will be ever-evolving.

Have fun, share your experience online, and enjoy the process.

*Updates you can expect:

  • Content refreshers

  • Chapter videos

  • Lesson videos

  • AI prompt guides

  • Downloadable resources

Course Overview

    • What is personal branding?
    • Why you need a personal brand?
    • How to build your personal brand?
    • Understanding your vision
    • Identifying your values
    • Setting your SMART goals
    • Take action
    • Complete your market research
    • Position your brand online
    • Create your messaging strategy
    • Take action
    • Understanding brand identity
    • Creating your brand guide
    • Take action
    • Choosing your platform
    • Building your website
    • Content creation
    • Take action
    • Your social media strategy
    • Networking and collaboration
    • Content marketing
    • Take action
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The 5 Day Personal Brand Challenge